The Academic Tech Expo is a tri-campus collaboration focusing on interdisciplinary technology and effectiveness in education. For 2020, the 10th annual event, ATE switched to an entirely virtual platform. In doing so, the University of Oklahoma highlighted the true impact of technology by successfully hosting a two-day online event supported by multiple speakers and volunteer staff. 

As a master’s student in the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education, I’m interested in topics about tech in higher education and embracing student choice. As we look back to the past couple of years living through the COVID-19 pandemic, and many of us relying on technology to work and or study remotely, technology has become an invaluable asset to how we function. For pre-service teachers, current faculty, or even just tech-savvy students who would like to improve their learning experience, there are some big take-aways from this year’s conference and handy resources to guide them. 

Among the various presenters, the K20 Center, and the University’s Office of Digital Learning (ODL) both provided numerous approaches to facilitate learning in more impactful and engaging ways. 

The K20 Center is a statewide research and development center aimed at promoting innovation through school and community collaborations in a multifaceted way. The K20 Center offers resources for educators such as lesson plans, activities, strategies, and even professional development. Furthermore, they provide students with access to game-based learning opportunities and educational games, ranging from weather awareness to goal setting and time management.

The Office of Digital Learning (ODL) supports course design and development for many of OU’s online master’s programs. They also provide general resources, such as webinars, and instructional videos, for online teaching, and sponsor ed-tech initiatives such as OU Create, which enables students, faculty, and staff to creatively express their digital identity. All of this year’s presentations, as well as recaps from previous years, are all available online for easy access on the Academic Tech Expo website.