This week, we announced the winners of the 4th Annual OU Creaties. These awards celebrate the best new websites built by OU Create users.

We had more than a hundred wonderful nominees this year, and the student portfolios and blogs were particularly outstanding as a group. The different types of portfolios made picking a single winner nearly impossible, so we decided to give two awards for best student portfolio.

Alice Calmon’s portfolio won because of its aesthetic strength. We’ve seen a lot of beautiful sites over the past few years, especially from journalism and visual communications students. Alice’s site features her work in architecture, another field with obvious strength in visual design.

Alice Calmon’s website

Alice uses lightboxes on her home page to feature her architectural models, allowing us to expand the images and see all of the detail. Each project also has a beautifully laid out blog post

Alice’s “Healing Garden” blog post

Alice’s post for her “Healing Garden” depicts this spectacular project with schematic depictions of the garden, 3D rendered images of people in the garden, and photographs of a physical model of the space.

Congratulations Alice on your fantastic work.

You can see more of the winners in this video and in our blog post series coming out in the next week.