This week, we announced the winners of the 4th Annual OU Creaties. These awards celebrate the best new websites built by OU Create users.

We had over a hundred nominees for the Creaties this year, spanning a fantastic variety of experiences and modalities. Ultimately we awarded the best blog post to Anna Margret Sverrisdottir for her podcast post in her series “Why We Hate Humans.”

As part of Laura Gibbs course on mythology, Anna produced her own “ethnographic study on the Fey” telling the stories of the dwarves, fairies, and other people of the Fey. Anna describes the project in a cover page to her website:

I want to take some of the classic “creatures” that we know from fairy tales and tell stories about their modern-day lives. Perhaps even telling stories from the view of the elder of how the past was and what their lives have become and perhaps tell them with spite for the human race, perhaps tell them from a perspective of understanding.

Anna Margret Sverrisdottir, Cover page

Anna’s entire project is fantastic, but the podcast post was particularly noteworthy. She created and embedded an original podcast from the perspective of the people’s of the Fey. Anna’s pod includes a rich soundtrack and even an interview with a pixie. You can listen below:

Congratulations Anna and thank you for your fantastic work.

You can see more of the winners in this video and in our series of posts on the winners: