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2018 Academic Technology Expo

The seventh annual Academic Technology Expo was held on January 11th and 12th at the University of Oklahoma. Faculty, staff and students gathered to learn about exciting changes…

The Gods of Norman via John Stewart (external)

In my history of science survey, we talk about how ancient cosmologies reflect the geography of the people. Thus the Nile River civilizations believe in mostly benevolent gods that bring annual, predictable, life-giving floods. The Norse have more vengeful and terrifying gods reflecting their harsher geography. Cosmologies are thus often connected to the lived reality […]

OU iPadpalooza – Digital Sketchnotes

by Hui Xu The University of Oklahoma hosted its second annual iPadpalooza on August 25-26, 2017. Pre-service teachers, faculty members, and instructors gathered together for two days to…

On Liaisons

This post follows both a thread of blog posts from Amy Collier, Kate Bowles, and Maha Bali and (I think at least) contributes to a larger week-long conversation taking place in #digciz, which I’ve yet to quite figure out but describes itself as a conversation. I like that. There are a couple different pieces here…. Continue reading