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Teach Anywhere via John Stewart (external)

Featured image photo by Victoria Heath on Unsplash As universities and colleges across the country shift classes online, we are […]

“Teach Anywhere” Goes Live

Hello, ol’ bloggy ol’ friend! Remember me?! These days I find myself not stopping to reflect enough for a multitude of reasons, but today marks an occasion worth noting. So I’m back at it. Today, we officially released a new web resource at OU titled “Teach Anywhere.” On Sunday, at 10am I received an email […]

A Multi-University Climate Course Connected By Centralized Discussion via Keegan Long-Wheeler (external)

Sunset showing wind turbines in frame

Sunset showing wind turbines in frame
Several weeks back I mentioned I was working on simple MOOC-like courses for instructors with specific grant requirements. They needed university students and public, openly-enrolled students to share course materials and the same discussion space. Having moved their course from a proprietary LMS (that offered this setup) into Canvas, it was time to see where this […]

A History Course Site with Leaflet via John Stewart (external)

I’ve been interested in using digital maps to in history projects for a while now. My first big project on this was Situating Chemistry. This is a research database of places where chemistry has been done. Each site can be linked to related people, documents, chemical processes, industries, etc. I presented on Situating Chemistry at […]

Engaging Students with Wikipedia

Guest author Dr. Kathleen Sheppard is is an alumna of the History of Science Department at OU and is now an associate professor of history and political science…

Establishing Epic Heroes
 via Keegan Long-Wheeler (external)

A women of color super hero, a meditating frog hovering with a head propeller, and a women of color elf with bow string drawn.

A women of color super hero, a meditating frog hovering with a head propeller, and a women of color elf with bow string drawn.
I developed a Storytelling Card Game for Online Learning Practitioners to play and consider their work and experiences through the lens of the Hero’s Journey. Holding a handful of cards, players are challenged to develop narratives describing their online learning experiences to share for group discussion. Goal of the Game Through prompted storytelling, this game guides players […]

Digital Footprint via John Stewart (external)

As part of the 23 Things MOOC from the University of Edinburgh, I did a little bit of searching today to see what my digital footprint looks like.  I have an extremely common name, so most of what I found with a Google search was links for information about Jon Stewart and links for the […]

Digital Knowledge MOOC via John Stewart (external)

This week I registered for an open, online class called 23 Things for Digital Knowledge offered out of the University of Edinburgh. I’m currently planning out my own digital literacy course for next summer, so I signed up mostly to see what they’ve focused on and how they tie it all together. For my own […]

Video in situ via John Stewart (external)

I’ve only recently stumbled upon La Blogothèque, a French website / YouTube channel that produces fantastic films of music being performed. They have beautiful concerts like this one of The National, ‘Live in Cork’. The National, ‘Live in Cork,’ produced by La Blogothèque Even better are their “Take Away Shows” where they get a band […]

OLC Innovate CFP Extended via John Stewart (external)

The call for papers for OLC Innovate 19 has been extended to 11:59pm on September 26th. I’m co-program chair with Kate Sonka this year, so I particularly want to appeal to all the people I know to share their wonderful work with us in Denver in April. In the video below, I chatted with Kate […]