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A Major Award: Teacher of the Year

So here we are. Two days before the end of 2020. Needless to say 2020 through a wrench into–well, itself–and that has meant I’ve spent less time blogging in order to focus elsewhere. The goal wasn’t to abandoned blogging all together, but to write it I had the sufficient time to do so. I tried […]

The Remote Instruction Car Chase

It’s hard to believe but it’s already been a month since I published a blog post about OU’s Teach Anywhere site going live. I’ve said this in a half a dozen Zoom meetings, but the past five weeks have been like a high speed car chase. From the perspective of leading the Office of Digital […]

Teach Anywhere

Featured image photo by Victoria Heath on Unsplash As universities and colleges across the country shift classes online, we are […]

Video in situ

I’ve only recently stumbled upon La Blogothèque, a French website / YouTube channel that produces fantastic films of music being performed. They have beautiful concerts like this one of The National, ‘Live in Cork’. The National, ‘Live in Cork,’ produced by La Blogothèque Even better are their “Take Away Shows” where they get a band […]

Teaching in Arezzo, Italy

My biggest regret as an undergrad is that I never studied abroad. Now armed with a steady job and a family, I realize how improbable it is to simply pick up and temporarily spend a significant length of time in another part of the world. Earlier this year I was asked if I had any […]

I received a grant to adopt an open textbook!

I was informed earlier this week that I was one of 13 faculty who were awarded the Alternative Textbook Grant that is provided by OU Libraries. Very cool! From the news release: University Libraries awarded Alternative Textbook grants to 13 recipients for implementing open educational resources for their classes in the 2018-2019 academic year. The […]

If You Can’t Write a Letter of Rec for Every Student, Change the Way You Teach

 TLDR: Replace your course rubric with a letter of recommendation. It’s time that we take responsibility for knowing our students. If you can’t write a letter of recommendation for your best students, you should rethink your teaching. If we center the letter of recommendation at the core of our assessment strategy, we can create a […]

Fake News and Fact Checking

Keegan is wrapping up the first week of his Information Literacy Faculty Learning Community as I type. The FLC, especially for weeks 1 & 2, draws heavily on Mike Caulfield’s work on media and information literacy, especially his recent work around what he calls the ‘Four Moves’ of fact-checking. Mike has built out an challenge bank […]

Game Design as Project Based Learning

2016 still sounds more like a made up year in the distant future than that time “a couple of years ago.” Nonetheless, a couple of years ago, Scott Wurdinger came out with a book called The Power of Project-Based Learning.  There is a great deal of debate over how to define PBL. Wurdinger recounts how […]