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Visiting the Old and New of the New York Ad World

I just returned from a weekend in New York where, alongside my colleague Debbie Yount, I had the opportunity to lead a group of 15 students to see eight different agencies and media companies in NYC. All credit goes to Debbie for organizing and our greater alumni network who helped coordinate the visits. I wanted […]

Teaching in Arezzo, Italy

My biggest regret as an undergrad is that I never studied abroad. Now armed with a steady job and a family, I realize how improbable it is to simply pick up and temporarily spend a significant length of time in another part of the world. Earlier this year I was asked if I had any […]

My Podcasting Workflow with Amazon S3 and PowerPress

I just hit the publish button on the season finale of Media and the End of the World. I have to say, it’s been a lot of fun to experiment with the medium from both a media and technical perspective. One thing you learn being on both sides of the production is your ticks. For […]

I received a grant to adopt an open textbook!

I was informed earlier this week that I was one of 13 faculty who were awarded the Alternative Textbook Grant that is provided by OU Libraries. Very cool! From the news release: University Libraries awarded Alternative Textbook grants to 13 recipients for implementing open educational resources for their classes in the 2018-2019 academic year. The […]

Finding Conference Funding for Undergraduates

My passion for having students engaged in our professional conversations has been articulated loud and clear (read here, here, and here). We need more of it. But when it comes to conferences, we are often faced with the question of how to find funding for students to attend with us, and often this barrier leads us to […]

Media and the End of the World (The Podcast)

Recently, Ralph Beliveau and I launched a podcast called Media and the End of the World. Podcasting is a medium I’ve wanted to delve into for awhile now and after a couple false starts trying to get one going, I’m really thankful Ralph asked me to join him in this endeavor. The format is fairly… Continue reading

A Web Diet: Converting WordPress Sites Over to Static Sites

Over the years, my main course web project, PR Pubs, has became one sprawling beast. For the most part, people know as the homepage for the course, but I haven’t actively used that space for a few semesters. Thus, in May I made it one of my summer goals to rework in such… Continue reading