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What I’m Reading: The Power

Over the last week, I read a novel called The Power by Naomi Alderman (link to a NY Times interview with Alderman). The general premise of the book is that women develop the power to harness electrical energy. This manifests in various ways like being able to shoot lightning from their fingertips, send blasts of […]

AirTable Review

I have been trying out different project management tools over the last few weeks. So far, I’ve used Notion, Trello, and AirTable and also looked at half a dozen others. I also tried a notebook and paper, but I definitely prefer the digital. via GIPHY My first goal is to try to find something that […]

We’re Hiring!

The Office of Digital Learning is looking to hire two new Course Developers, an Educational Technologist, and an Academic Multimedia Specialist. If you are passionate about helping students learn…

Using Twine to Build My First Game

Link: My Twine Game Almost two years ago, Keegan Long-Wheeler and John Stewart started a faculty learning community here at the University of Oklahoma called eXperience Play that focused on educational text-based games. In some ways, it was a sequel to a similar FLC focused on game-based learning titled GOBLIN, but XP was focused more […]

Feeling Blessed And Loved, Even With Residual Tumor In My Head

Coral pattern underwater that looks like a brain.
Last week was a big week for me. I finally got the staples removed from my head! (Read more about this in my last post.) But more importantly, I got the pathology results from the neurosurgeon. My tumor was benign rather than malignant. That means I won’t have to receive radiation at this time. (WAHOO!) […]

Twine Game Data to Google Sheets via Javascript version 2

Using Twine, a free, open-source, text-based game software, you can build choose your own adventure games that explore the untaken paths in literature, promote empathy through simulated experiences, and provide role-playing adventures in historical scenarios. Twine games are often used in the classroom, because you can quickly build an educational experience about whatever subject you choose. They are also […]

Keegan’s Game Jam

This weekend, there is a 48 hour Game Jam in honor of Keegan Long-Wheeler. As most of you know, Keegan had to have brain surgery a couple of weeks ago to remove a tumor. In order to cheer him up, we wanted to encourage his friends to build games about Keegan, friendship, dealing with illness, […]

My Podcasting Workflow with Amazon S3 and PowerPress

I just hit the publish button on the season finale of Media and the End of the World. I have to say, it’s been a lot of fun to experiment with the medium from both a media and technical perspective. One thing you learn being on both sides of the production is your ticks. For […]

Chronicling My Brain Surgery

Staples in my skull a couple weeks after my brain surgery.
I’m having trouble remembering all the details of my recent brain surgery, so I wanted to write down as much as I can recall. Here we go. What started out as a Tuesday night fever on April 24th had me in bed trying to cool down. Later that evening, I recall waking up in an […]
Wendy Jordan receives the OU Creatie for best undergraduate website of 2018

2018 OU Creaties

On Friday, the Office of Digital Learning hosted the 2018 OU Creaties at the University Club in OU’s Memorial Union. This annual event honors the students, staff, and…