Month: January 2018

Finding Conference Funding for Undergraduates

My passion for having students engaged in our professional conversations has been articulated loud and clear (read here, here, and here). We need more of it. But when it comes to conferences, we are often faced with the question of how to find funding for students to attend with us, and often this barrier leads us to […]

One Year.

For the last 365 days, I have not drank a single diet coke. I’ve never been fully diagnosed (I don’t know even if they diagnose this) but I’m quite certain I’m addicted to sugar (and sugar substitutes) and this addiction–while it is not limited to diet sodas–has most manifested itself best in this bubbly goodness. […]

Hiking in Beavers Bend State Parking

I ended 2017 by spending two and half days in Broken Bow, Oklahoma attending one of my oldest friend’s bachelor party. I first met Ben in middle school through my dad who at the time was Ben’s bus driver. We became friends in high school and although he migrated south to Baylor for undergrad, we […]