Month: September 2017

OU iPadpalooza – Digital Sketchnotes

by Hui Xu The University of Oklahoma hosted its second annual iPadpalooza on August 25-26, 2017. Pre-service teachers, faculty members, and instructors gathered together for two days to…

Omeka of One’s Own

One of the recurring concerns/complaints surrounding the Domain of One’s Own project is the inescapability of WordPress. Most students and faculty on OU Create and other Domains projects use WordPress sites, either for personal portfolios or class blogs. As a counterpoint, I wanted to feature a few of the Omeka sites that that have been built on OU […]

Road Trippin’ to O-HI-O

On Friday at 9pm myself and one of my best friends decided to buy tickets to a football game taking place on Saturday 13 hours away. An hour later we left and drove through the night and the next morning to get there. My buddy Chris and I are no strangers to road trips. We’ve… Continue reading

Making Conferences Fun

I am currently helping to organize a couple of conferences and am trying to think about what I have enjoyed about conferences in the past. I don’t typically remember the talks at a conference as much as the un-planned stuff. I met Ben Scragg over dinner at OLC and have considered him my food guru ever since. […]