A Career Update

I’m excited to share some big news: this month I transitioned into a new role as Senior Vice President of Academic Innovation for OU Education Services (OUES). OUES is a new non-profit created to manage and grow online learning at the University of Oklahoma, with the goal of increasing accessibility to higher education. The best […]

MTV Once Upon a Prom 2005

My senior year of high school, MTV produced a documentary called Once Upon a Prom that followed two students at my high school. I had started to dabble in media arts and was offered to work on the project and earn my very first industry-related resume line item as an intern for MTV Docs. This […]

Farewell to Old Science Hall

Today is the last official day that the Office of Digital Learning has space in Old Science Hall. Furniture and boxes were loaded up this morning. One of my favorite campus stories at OU is how Old Science Hall got its name. Science Hall, built in 1893, was the very first building on campus, but […]

Faculty Retreat Panel – “AI in the classroom”

I was asked to participate on a faculty panel about AI in the classroom for the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication’s annual faculty retreat, which I was incredibly happy to do. I presented both my experiences in the classroom as well as some updates on conversations from around the institution. Much of what […]

Designing an Advanced Design Course

I am attempting to catch up on a little bit of blogging. This last semester, I prepped and taught a new (to me) course titled “Digital Design II.” Digital Design I and Digital Design II are both upper-division electives for strategic communication that in the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication. I’ve been teaching […]

Updating an OER Textbook via AI and ChatGPT

In 2018, I received a grant that supported the adoption of an open educational resource textbook for my Introduction to Advertising large lecture course. Since that time, more than 1,000 students have not had to rent or purchase a book for the class. While actual savings can be difficult to nail down, I’m confident in […]

The 2020 Instruction Mirage

Recently, I’ve become victim to email reminders of the 2020/2021 academic year. OU’s main video repository system, MyMedia, has a two-year retention system. If a video has received no views for two years, then you are notified that it is up for auto deletion. This means that my classroom recordings for the Spring 2021 semester […]

Roll the Dice: A Talk For OU LEAD Night

Earlier this semester I was asked by a former student of mine to give a talk at the annual LEAD Night, which is hosted by OU Leadership and Volunteerism. I was very honored to be asked to come back after giving a talk in 2021. Speakers are are asked to write a talk in a […]

Take a Peak Into Sample ODL Online Course Designs

I’m really excited to share this new resource from the Office of Digital Learning. We’ve created a public resource so that anyone can now sample a handful of online courses that ODL has designed for OU Online programs via a public URL. Our instructional designers reached out to a number of our online instructors, and I am […]

A Tale of Two Davids

In undergrad, I decided to major in Advertising on a whim. I am now a faculty member at that same school. And I owe it all to two guys named David. When I originally came to OU, I had settled on pre-pharmacy as my field of study. In high school, I had a knack for […]