2018: One Second at a Time

Above is a video that contains 365 one-second videos that were taken, clipped, and compiled using the app 1SE. Wanting to write a recap post, this was arguably the best tool I had to jog the ol’ brain. This blog has skewed towards professional and then skewed a little more towards writing within the context […]

Google Maps Timeline & Digital Security

I’ve been (slowly) working my way through the 23 Things List, a project on digital literacy from the University of Edinburgh. Thing number 4 was Digital Security. While we include Web Security in a lot of our digital literacy prorams, I’m not a huge WebSec person. It’s not something that I think about or worry […]

Digital Footprint

As part of the 23 Things MOOC from the University of Edinburgh, I did a little bit of searching today to see what my digital footprint looks like.  I have an extremely common name, so most of what I found with a Google search was links for information about Jon Stewart and links for the […]

Digital Knowledge MOOC

This week I registered for an open, online class called 23 Things for Digital Knowledge offered out of the University of Edinburgh. I’m currently planning out my own digital literacy course for next summer, so I signed up mostly to see what they’ve focused on and how they tie it all together. For my own […]

Conversations not Presentations at OLC

I’m not a huge fan of monologues. The traditional conference paper, someone reading to me for 20 minutes and often failing to leave time for Q&A, has always seemed wasteful. Either publishing work-in-progress papers or recording and sharing videos would disseminate the work at a fraction of the economic and ecological cost of a conference.  […]

Visiting Jim Henson in Queens

Over time, I’ve become fairly buttoned up on Facebook, meaning I don’t post too often. In fact, I’m probably more likely to blog than I am to post to Facebook. I find link sharing more conducive to Twitter and find Instagram a more favorable experience for photos. So, for something to be a Facebook post, […]

Video in situ

I’ve only recently stumbled upon La Blogothèque, a French website / YouTube channel that produces fantastic films of music being performed. They have beautiful concerts like this one of The National, ‘Live in Cork’. The National, ‘Live in Cork,’ produced by La Blogothèque Even better are their “Take Away Shows” where they get a band […]

Visiting the Old and New of the New York Ad World

I just returned from a weekend in New York where, alongside my colleague Debbie Yount, I had the opportunity to lead a group of 15 students to see eight different agencies and media companies in NYC. All credit goes to Debbie for organizing and our greater alumni network who helped coordinate the visits. I wanted […]

We Adopted a Dog

Editor’s Note: I wrote this post back in July, but am just now publishing it. I believe I forgot to post I because I wanted to include a photo and I realized I didn’t have a “blog worthy” photo of Nala. I still don’t think I have one, but whatever I have is good enough […]

A Poem for Evie

The night of the election, I wrote a letter of apology to my daughter. Last night, after spending most of the day watching and thinking about Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony, I wrote my first poem. Sadly the letter and the poem share a common theme. The trust that Evie placesin the very sound of my voicewhen […]