Week in Review: 4/15-4/19

What I’m working on Creaties I am planning out the 4th Annual OU Creaties for this year. Every year we honor the best students and faculty who created the best new websites and web content in OU Create. This year we’re moving away from a physical event and focusing instead on a video that celebrates […]

Roz, The Wild Robot

This week, I finished reading Peter Brown’s The Wild Robot Escapes to my daughter, Evie. We had read The Wild Robot about a month ago, and both tell the story of a robot named Roz who washed up on shore on a remote island. On the island, she learns how to survive from the wild […]

Dumb Twitter

Some years ago, it felt like Tim Ferriss was building his entire brand around himself as a human guinea pig. The term for what he did changed (biohacking, quantified self, etc.) but it was basically self expermentation around different types of diets, workout routines, and lifestyle choices. There was even a tv show around this […]

TEDxWeekend: Fiesta Edition

This year TEDx turns ten. As a celebration, TED is hosting five worldwide gatherings of TEDx organizers for workshops. The North American workshop was held in Mexico City and was aptly named TEDxWeekendCiudadDeMexico. It also happened to fall on a weekend during Spring Break, which tipped my scales towards wanting to attend. As I’ve written […]

Out of Context Drafts

I’ve noticed that I’ve become more inclined to just simply not finish blog posts and leave them setting in draft purgatory too often. I can’t say exactly why this is the case. Occasionally I forget to finish a post or perhaps, after writing it, I decide that the blog may not be the right medium […]

Craft Education

I’m heading back from a quick trip to the desert (specifically the Biosphere 2) where I attended a University of Arizona-hosted, NSF-funded grant funded workshop titled “Principles for the Equitable Design of Digitally-Distributed, Studio-based STEM Learning Environments” (fancy title for makerspaces). I had come to learn there are a handful of people attending that I’ve […]

Mahalo Maui

Katie and I recently returned from a four day trip from Maui. For the past couple of years, Katie has been doing direct sales with Norwex and earned Maui as an incentive trip. I’ve wanted to visit Hawaii for some time but always felt it out financially out of reach, so it was incredibly nice […]

2018: One Second at a Time

Above is a video that contains 365 one-second videos that were taken, clipped, and compiled using the app 1SE. Wanting to write a recap post, this was arguably the best tool I had to jog the ol’ brain. This blog has skewed towards professional and then skewed a little more towards writing within the context […]

Google Maps Timeline & Digital Security

I’ve been (slowly) working my way through the 23 Things List, a project on digital literacy from the University of Edinburgh. Thing number 4 was Digital Security. While we include Web Security in a lot of our digital literacy prorams, I’m not a huge WebSec person. It’s not something that I think about or worry […]

Digital Footprint

As part of the 23 Things MOOC from the University of Edinburgh, I did a little bit of searching today to see what my digital footprint looks like.  I have an extremely common name, so most of what I found with a Google search was links for information about Jon Stewart and links for the […]